About The North Los Angeles Motorcycle Club

The NLAMC is dedicated to bringing you quality vintage motor clothing. The NLAMC started in 1949 in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. It was made up of guys that wanted to race. Our passion is vintage motorcycles of the 1940's and 50's. We love the vintage racing jerseys and club sweaters from that era, but found them to be rare and expensive. So we decided to make them ourselves for ourselves. People seemed to really like what we were doing so we decided to make our products available to everyone that shares our passion. Now we are proud to offer to you a variety of products starting with our "Racing Jersey" that can be custom made to order to sport the logo of your favorite bike or the sponsorship of your favorite bike shop even if they aren't around anymore. We can also supply your club with your own custom "Club Sweater". Custom colors and embroidery are available. Order one for yourself or a dozen for the club. We can even make reproductions of old racing sweaters. Also available are our bronze NLAMC belt buckles made up exclusively for us by Chopper Dave's Casting Company. Keep checking us out for new items. We'll see you down the road!

Wes and Jedd


Contact us at sales@vintagemotorclothing.com
for prices and availability.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

To all our customers and friends, Due to a wool shortage and subsequent cost increase we will not be making our sweaters out of wool for a while. Instead we are making them out of Orlon so that we can keep the cost down and maintain production here in the US. We just don't want to charge you what we would have to to make them in wool. The Orlon sweaters are beautiful and are very soft to the touch. They are identical in appearance to our wool products. For those of you with wool allergies this is a great time to buy a sweater. As soon as wool becomes affordable and available again we will transition back to wool and maintain Orlon as an option for our customers. Thanks, Wes and Jedd